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     Canyon Sunrise Development, LLC an Arizona limited liability company is a land consulting and management business. From site investigations to site development, we offer a range of valuable management services in land. The Founder and Principal, David Mack has over 10 years experience in the Land and Homebuilding Industry. "I take pride in our service and customer satisfaction, our clients receive an experienced streamline process through each step of the schedule."

At Canyon Sunrise, it’s our goal is to provide exceptional construction management services to homebuilders, individual land owners, developers, contractors, realtors and financial agencies. By using a 100% competitive subcontractor base it allows us to utilize the best pricing and service for our clients without you receiving costly markups. We feel it’s important to supply sensible land solutions that are mutually beneficial to our clients, partners and community.

Land Acquisitiona in Arizona


Due Diligence - A site investigation should be a part of any land purchase decision. This ensures you there will not be any "surprises" in the future.

Site Evaluation - Its very important to know the uses for your selected parcel of land. You need to know that the development is appropriate for the area and there are no zoning restrictions or environmental concerns. The land's intended uses, roads and utility access, along with the time table for development will be the guideline for determining your cost.

Value - An appraiser's valuation will be needed for an accurate price to determine the actual worth of the property.

Loan - The experience of a qualified underwriter will be important to establishing a good loan value. Its also important to be in good financial standing for the borrower as well. Otherwise the loan may be speculative and will require stricter guidelines and more possible points of interest on the property.

Arizona Entitlement StepsEntitlement


The Process - The process starts with the project vision in mind and can last anywhere from 12 - 36 months depending on the size of the project and the required qualifications. It will include submittal reports, traffic studies, testing, municipality reviews and more depending on the requirements needed to develop in the area and municipality. These services generate information important to clients, helping them make critical decisions that impact their projects for development.

Engineering -
Its very important to understanding your restrictions and guidelines in the city or county for the area of development. It is also crucial for you to know your engineer's background and by not missing any easy steps in the process, it will allow your team to have a faster response time in your plan approval. Faster approval means faster availability for development.

Community Devlopment


Process - In each stage of development it's imperitive to understand your scope of work and municipality requirements. These phases include but are not limited to: Grading, Sewer, Water, Storm Drain, Dry Utilities, Street Lights, Concrete, Paving and Landscape. Canyon Sunrise Development, LLC will enable your project to have the smooth start and efficient finish you demand.

Closeout – Every project improvement needs to be inspected and approved to ensure it was built correctly. Whether the job is big or small, private or public, we recommend having the proper representation to make certain there will not be any future issues with the construction.
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