Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Started in land Development

"I am interested in buying a piece of land. How do I find out what can be built on it?"

Answer: You or your Realtor can contact us with the listing or parcel information. We will do a preliminary site investigation and explain the results.

"I am a Realtor selling land; would you be willing to consult my clients on land use possibilities?"

Answer: Absolutely, we often provide free consultations for clients, realtors and investors.

"Is right now a good time to buy?"

Answer: This is a perfect opportunity to buy. There are many jobs right now that are prime canidates for a simple “fix and flip”; however as they age and do not have the correct property management, they soon end up needing to be scrapped. This will add more to your property cost as well as creating potential delays.
Land Development Team

"I am interested in buying a partially developed parcel of land, what will I need to know in order to finish?"

Answer: You must first do a site investigation. With so many undeveloped or partially developed parcels of land today, it is important to know the guidelines and restrictions enforced by the city or municipality the project resides in.

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